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What a Joy!

What a joy it was to meet Maggie, and this is how it happened: A dear friend invited me to see her dance. She was performing with the daughter of an elderly lady in whose honor the dance was created. They performed in a cozy home. There is nothing better than watching dancers offering their dance with so much passion – so exhilarating and nourishing. As is dancing by ourselves, just for the sheer joy of being in a body that loves to move.

Afterwards my friend shared, “Marlies, I think you will enjoy connecting with Maggie, the birthday girl-lady. She loves God.” Of course, I was curious.

A bit later I went to sit right next to this 95-year-old lady. I introduced myself and said to her, “I hear you are a lover of God.” She turned her head completely and looked straight at me. Her eyes, already bright and open, perked up ten-fold. “Yes! Yes! I am.” Her smile was so beautiful.

“Me too, Maggie. I am a lover of God."

"Oh," she says. "I’d like to talk with you.” She shares how God and Christian Science saved her life. How terribly hard her childhood had been, being sent from orphanage to orphanage, and so on. Also, that her grandfather introduced her to the teachings of Christian Science. She said it was and still is the pillar of her life. The practice of Christian Science nourished and saved her, and through it she awoke to her nature. To me, obviously, she was awake.

Such a radiant, smiling and alive being! She shares how she kept on working until she was 91 years young, as a captain on a fishing boat. What a great gift our meeting was and is. I can still feel and see her radiance. The radiance of true freedom is the most powerful vibration in the universe.

We all walk our unique path. I could feel how high her frequency was, shining in all directions by just being herself. Don’t we all wish to live as radiant presence?

We can simply start in the morning by filling ourselves up with presence. When we receive the presence of silence, that will lubricate and feed our body-being for the day. The next step is to learn to pay visits to that brilliance and let it shine.

In case you forgot to fill yourself up for today, please take a moment. Stop, be still and feel into ALL of yourself right now. Open yourself to receive in and all around your body the vibration of the silence of your being. This is where the spiritual food for your body begins. Now be still….. A deep sigh….. Yes, and smile into your body and let presence shine through. Please enjoy this day…

All Love



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