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Way Of Woman Online

The next Way of Woman Online Retreat

Awakening the Body of Eros

June 2-6, 2023

11am-3pm Eastern Time each day (4 hrs)


During this retreat, Marlies expertly guides you through meditation, satsang and movement into the deep sensual silence of your body.


It is encouraged that you treat the full 5 days as your retreat time as much as possible, giving space for whatever needs to unfold. Taking a break from the usual every day activities and responsibilities, and rather taking time to walk, meditate, journal, dance and whatever else is nourishing for oneself.


On completion of one Way of Woman retreat, you are able to join the ongoing Way of Woman Circle meetings. These are monthly gatherings where women come together for meditation, movement, satsang, and sharings.

For more information about the upcoming retreat, please click HERE

For more information about the next Way of Woman Circle meetings, please visit the Event Calendar by clicking the button below. 

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