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The Way Of Woman Retreats

The Sensuality of Silence & the Female Body

In The Way of Woman retreat. we come together to explore resting as the silence that we are. We learn how it feels to be safe, at home, and delighted in our precious female bodies. We connect deeply with our sensual nature and bring this aliveness into everyday life. We will feel ourselves soft yet strong, quiet and alert, receptive and discriminating – an effortless coming together of sensuality and silence.


The next Way of Woman Online Retreat will take place on May 17 - 21, 2024.  

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The focus is to slow down, be still and listen. It is in this that we hear our body’s language. Thus, we find our way back to wholeness, radiance and celebration of BEING YOU! What is it like to feel yourself in your skin? What would it be like to have your breasts smiling, your belly warm, your ovaries dancing and your yoni as your beloved?


Woman so deeply knows what is possible in form as love.

That is her connectedness speaking, her feminine intuition.

In a loving container and safe playground, we will step into the realm of the Goddess. There we explore how to ease into our True Nature and move as that original Wisdom Woman. Life becomes natural, obvious and deliciously alive.    


We’ll share meditation, dance, stories, sensual explorations, resting, joy, pain, wonderful food, laughter, intimacy and much more… I’d love to see you there!

Because of the intimate nature of these retreats we limit the number of participants to between eighteen and twenty-five women, depending on the retreat site and number of days.

I love to offer these retreats. They are anchored in the silence. Naturally the women learn to rest as the sensuality of silence in the body and live it in everyday life. It’s not easy to describe what happens in these gatherings. Together we join the flow of Her and are taken into the unknown dark radiance that we are. We create a protected container with a structure that is simultaneously firm and fluid. In this setting the group and the individual spontaneously deepen.

I am very much looking forward to steeping in the elixir of Her mystery together!


 “Marlies brings a deep presence to the Way of Woman workshops that provides safety and invites profound healing. Her work with sensuality is a precious and much-needed gift to women. I wish all women could experience the healing that she offers!” LML

“I’ve never before drunk so deeply from the soul of the safety of sisterhood and from the well of the womb of womanhood. I am surrendered, free and grateful at last.” LW


“Marlies -Your transmission of devotion to ‘her’ moved me and shook awake my own deep love for ‘her'. Being around your passion, love and devotion to the silence caught hold in me and called forth something timeless in me.

I felt everyone in my heart and felt the support of a mountain of women to rest into. It was what I’d always wanted without even knowing it – without even knowing it was possible. Grateful for your wide, wild love.” CT

“I love the fluid, feminine way of your facilitation.” HW.


“I have always kept my distance from soft and intimate companionship, but now I feel very touched. I feel so blessed to have met you and to have been with you on our journey together.” KS.


“I so appreciate the invitation and encouragement of pleasure. It’s an amazing experience to share with women. I need a lot of that to heal my conditioning. The bringing together of pleasure with presence and silence is so very potent, and a rarity in spiritual teachings! I love it and my body needs it. I was very touched by how you responded creatively and sensitively to every woman’s needs in such an attuned and beautiful way.” SK.

“The Way of Woman offers me the perfect mix of circle work and potent meditation time. I feel a strong and embodied transmission of the love that Marlies calls forth in me each time I work with her.” JS.

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