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My First Touch of Awakening

At the time of Halloween or Samhein, the veil is thinning between our world and the spirit world. It is a time to honor our ancestors and all those that have gone over to the other side.

I met with my mentor recently and shared with her the Love I felt and feel for my father. How deeply I loved him, how deeply I felt loved by him and how safe I felt with him.

The most impactful memory that keeps staying with me is feeling my little girl’s hand rest securely in his big man’s hand. It felt like an awakening to the knowing of pure love and steady presence conveyed through embodied touch.

This uninterrupted love gave a deep sense of ‘All is well’ and ‘I’ve got you, Marlies’. No words were needed. All was conveyed in that simple yet profound firm, loving touch.

I felt moved showing my mentor pictures of my father, mother and myself as a little girl. By doing so, the young consciousness in me felt completely met and seen - a very sweet experience indeed. When we allow these childlike parts to be treasured, they come alive within us.

It’s been a very long time since he was in form. Love never dies - that is clear as a bell. Only the body dies. Sometimes I miss him. Last Friday I missed him. So dear to experience the grief and the joy that he was my father this time around.

It is quite exquisite to take time to honor and connect with our ancestors, family and friends that have passed on. The love is always here.

How about you taking a moment right now to invite in a family member or friend who touched your heart and has passed on? Be still. Can you feel their presence? Is the love still there?

All Love



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