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Marlies offers sessions and dokusan.


Marlies brings a potent invitation into the silence that we are - the undivided nature of awareness. This undivided nature welcomes emotions, traumas, core beliefs, human suffering, difficult issues, the beauty of your being - truly everything. They are all portals into your true nature.

Together we will unpack what is in the way of resting as awareness and knowing yourself as the one and only identity that you are – this one silent being.


Trauma is held in the body. Body and mind are one and the same. When awareness meets the trauma in the body, naturally the mind and nervous system calm. Transformation occurs.


Marlies would love to guide you on this journey of awakening to freedom.


Throughout her more than thirty years of experience, she has accumulated a variety of methods that ignite awakening, healing and transformation.


Marlies has a rich background. She was trained as a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam. She is a certified Hakomi therapist and psychodrama therapist. She has studied meditation under many teachers, especially in the traditions of Zen, Advaita, Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism.


"Marlies is incredibly gifted. A while back I seemed to hit a brick wall – both health-wise, emotionally and spiritually. I needed someone with deep empathy, sensitivity, skill and spiritual presence to help pull me through. Marlies is that someone. She combines clear-seeing intuition, openness, tenderness and power. I find that when I work with her, whichever of these qualities that are needed in the moment just flow through her and this allows powerful healing/spiritual deepening to occur. Not only do I experience these gifts during my sessions but I am also beginning to more deeply access my own trust and intuition which is allowing me to move forward powerfully on my own as well." M. K.

"After being with some of the best therapists and teachers I can say that Marlies has been by far the most impactful, effective, and overall most enjoyable to work with. I feel I am so much more deeply rooted, healthy, and whole since working with her which is something I have been doing since one and a half years now - often driving over 150 miles in order to go see her. She has been an incredible therapist, spiritual teacher, and guide for me in my life so far and I cherish the work we do together. Her impact has been so noticeable that I decided to do sessions twice a week. I’ve even found myself traveling overseas for her retreats and attending as many of her in person and online satsangs as has been possible. I cannot recommend Marlies strongly enough to anyone looking for an intimately caring, compassionate, and deeply supportive anchor in their lives and spiritual unfolding. May all be touched by this precious Gift that is Marlies and come to know Her as a most treasured Secret in life!" K.P.

"Marlies - thanks for your Presence/ Stillness - so inspiring! Love, S."

"Ever since I attended the meditation event, I have been practicing meditation. I just wanted to send you a message to let you know that event really has impacted my life. Thank you for sharing the gift. Warmly, M"

"Dear Marlies, Feel so nourished after today’s meditation- then I can be a light for others. With deep gratitude. J."

" It’s hard for me to put into words the impact Marlies has had on my life and my spiritual development. She possesses the wisdom of a guru, the kindness of a saint and the humility of an angel. Marlies has blessed my life beyond measure.  With Marlies I was able to come home to that deep inner well of bliss. How can I ever repay her for that immeasurable gift of Peace. If you are ready for your soul to awaken, if you are tired of the struggle, pain and suffering in life,  work with Marlies.  She will gently take you by the hand and lead you inward to discover the deep level of inner Peace, Bliss and Joy. If you work with Marlies, your life will be forever blessed." L.W.

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