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Way of Woman May 2023 Newsletter

Dear Sister,

Spring is here! It is time to dance and enjoy your beautiful body. Winter is over and sleeping beauty wants to come to life. The leaves are so bright green and happy dancing in the wind. I see the leaves grow every day bigger and bigger: they are so happy coming to life. Silence is moving the leaves and the herbs that come out of the ground left and right. Life is coming into manifestation. What beauty! This is the season of your blossoming too! In support of this, Way of Woman is offering two upcoming opportunities. First is Sensual Sunday coming up on May 7 from 12-2pm EST. The next, ever bigger blossoming, is the June five half-day, a delicious immersion in the exploration of ‘awakening the body of eros’. Receive early bird retreat pricing through Monday, May 8! What do I mean by Eros, you ask? Read on, dear one, and get a taste of a life lived from the source of embodied aliveness…. As long as I can remember, I have felt I am a woman outside society. A lot of what is fed to us as women, to behave, be quiet and subservient, I could never subscribe to. Inherently, I am a misfit, a word Osho first introduced me to way back when.

I wanted something else in life. Something real and alive that you can touch, taste, smell, wrap myself around. And, that is what I am inviting you into in these upcoming Way of Woman offerings. It is real, in the flesh, of your beautiful body. A true connection with yourself as alive-vibrating-silence, as that which moves us, lives us, and is us.

We need to discover and create our own story so that we can live as Woman, free from any matrix. That is what awakening to your body of Eros is about. You will have the opportunity to realize in your own experience and felt-sense that you are breathtakingly beautiful and alive. Learning to fill up and radiate as the one flavor of you and nobody else and live that 24/7! Not always an easy task or endeavor, but the only one worth embarking on in my opinion :) Eros is a powerful force, the powerful source. When we bring our heart’s wish and sensuality together we create eros. It lives in the realm of our deepest longing to feel and be alive. It’s a force we’ve been systematically alienated from for millenia, and it takes courageous intention to find our way back to this source of vital embodiment.

To enter into the realm of Eros you might ask yourself: what wants to be lived through me? What is my deepest heart's wish? What lies in wait to come alive? The response to these simple questions can take a moment, weeks, months, or years to be discovered, but if we are attentive the answer will come. How about tomorrow morning, upon waking, you ask yourself: what does my heart long for right now? Perhaps it is just a tender touch or a cup of tea.

These questions are a doorway to the naturalness of you coming alive in your body of eros. Anything is possible when we step out of the conditioned imprisoned self and receive our own sensual sovereignty.

During the upcoming Sensual Sunday you have the opportunity to come together in the sacred caldron of your heart and dance your beauty, your heart, your cells and bones. When your Yoni, your sacred space comes to life, your body comes to life. It is the original energy of the universe that wants to live – Vibrating Silence Dancing. Deeply breath into your pelvic bowl, feel your hips, sacrum and pubic bone that is your ground. When that blends with the silence of your being you can’t help but dance as your entire body springs into movement.

Are you hungry for more?

During the June five half-day retreat we will immerse ourselves in the exploration of ‘awakening the body of eros’. Eros is such a mystery. We can look up the definition of eros, but what is eros in your experience in your life? That is the real question. How is eros experienced, felt and lived in your world? Do you long to live the erotic life and give yourself to it?

If you want an immersion into your own beautiful self come and join the 5 half-day retreat in June. It’s an intimate journey melting your female humanity and divinity together as one.

First, little steps and before we know it we enter the body of eros and taste directly, aliveness in our bodies. We will play and dance and come into our humanity to taste silence as it’s blended with our sacred flesh body. We are here. The flesh is given to us. We were born as total sensual beings and yet it is something we now must remember, together…We are a tiny, bright little cell of Her that wants to be lived and filled with life. In retreat we come together and dance as Her.

Will you dance with me? It is so tender, so real and touching to be alive and feel so held. It is a very beautiful moment when your heart melts into Her. When you enter the Sacred and Secret Gate of Eros. What you are left with is tears of joy, because now YOU know from your own experience who and what you are and how you were made to dance. You just know; doubt is out the door. You have arrived!

Will you come and awaken the body of eros with me? I will take you by the hand and we will play and explore together. We are here to be alive. Especially in these amazing times we are living in right now. You are here to be alive. We are all here to be alive: The awakening body of Eros.


Marlies Myoku


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