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Sensuality of Silence

In many traditions, spirituality and sexuality have been seen as opposites, the one apparently detracting from the other.


In popular culture we are told that orgasm is the most important goal and that we need to learn the appropriate techniques in order to satisfy our partner.


Many believe that sex is all about excitement, results and personal satisfaction. We could call it friction sex – the rubbing together of two bodies for the pleasure of the separate ego. Love or union with the other doesn’t really come into it.


Really, we can only love when the ego has let go of its grip on who we think we are.​

In Truth everything is sacred. Sexuality is sacred when it becomes the making of love from that Stillness that we truly are. This Stillness lives and breathes all things. From this Stillness one can just be here, fully in the senses. without any commentary of mind. Truth lives in and as the body, right here, right now. When Stillness is embodied as the truth of our experience, lovemaking becomes joyous, fresh, spontaneous, vibrant and a sheer delight. True sexuality, or love, can be as rich, vibrant and orgasmic as egoic sexuality. Unlike egoic sexuality, true sexuality has no goal or mission. Arising from Stillness, it goes wherever it will. There is nothing to gain or to lose. It comes from a place of deep relaxation. Love has no center or fixed direction.

This is the context, the ground, for my sacred sexuality retreats. We learn to completely relax into ourselves, to trust ourselves as we are, and to let our bodies move freely as Stillness. Then, whether alone or as a couple, in the making of love, we vibrate with the perfume of sacredness, sacred sexuality.


The Way of Woman Retreat

The main focus of this retreat is to slow down. It is in this slowing down that the direct experience can take on a fullness, a vibrant openness. In this openness we can see in the moment what truly wants to happen. This can be a great relief for the many women who say ‘yes’ when they mean ‘no’ or visa versa. Any woman can attend! This is a profound experiential retreat that opens women to their innate, natural orgasmic flow.


I offer private sessions for individuals to work with their sexual unfolding.
​These sessions are tailored to the needs of the client or clients after discussion with them of their situation.

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